Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Spring Sleuth Tips and Tricks

Spring Sleuth coupled with Zipkin in an excellent tool to measure the performance bottlenecks in your distributed microservices architecture.

Spring Sleuth automatically creates HTTP and Messaging interceptors when calls are made to other microservices over REST or RabbitMQ. But what if you want to instrument the time taken to execute a method or time take for a third-party service to respond?

Initially we tried with the @NewSpan annotation on methods, but soon realized that this annotation DOES NOT work in the same class. A detailed discussion thread on this limitation is available here -

The core reason is that the proxies that Spring creates do not work for the method calls in the same object. Sleuth creates a proxy of the object so if we are calling a proxied method from the proxy itself then the method will be called directly without going through the proxy logic, hence no span will be created. Hence we need to manually add the span as follows and it would show up in the beautiful Zipkin UI.

Another great blog post around these techniques is here -

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