Friday, August 23, 2013

Agile Survey

VersionOne has released the results of the survey it conducted on Agile practices in the industry. The report is available at:

Quite an interesting read and worth a perusal. 

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Ruminating on Single Page Applications

In the past, I had blogged about the categorization of UI frameworks and the design philosophy behind them.
Of late, the open source market has been flooded with a plethora of SPA (Single Page Application) JavaScript frameworks. Most of these frameworks implement the MVC, MVP or the MVVP patterns on the client side and integrate with the back-end services using REST & JSON.

We are evaluating the following frameworks, that have gained popularity over the past few months. IMHO, Gmail is still the best SPA application out there :) (based on knockout.js) (Google's baby for SPA) (based on backboneJS)

A good comparison of the various frameworks is given here. IMHO, so many frameworks cause a lot of confusion and developers spend a lot of time comparing the features and choosing the best fit.

In SPA, all of the HTML, JS and CSS is downloaded in the first request. All subsequent requests are AJAX requests and only retrieve data from services and update the UI. The browser loads the JS files, requests the data from servies and then generates the HTML DOM dynamically.
The obvious advantage of SPA is the high performance of the web application and the seamless look-n-feel of the website as that of an mobile app. For SPA, there are challenges around SEO and browser history (back button) that needs to be addressed within the app. 

Amazon S3 for websites

I was always under the impression that the Amazon AWS S3 service could be used only for storing any type of media content on the cloud. For e.g. images, JS, CSS, video files, etc.

But what surprised me is that we can host an entire static web site on an Amazon S3 bucket. No need to use a web server on an EC2 instance. Caveat Emptor: S3 does not support dynamic web sites.

The following links are handy to understand how to configure a S3 bucket for static web hosting. You can also pick up a good domain name for your static site using the domain name services provided by Amazon’s “Route 53″ DNS service. Amazon also offers a Content Delivery Network service(CloudFront CDN) that replicates content across Amazon’s network of global edge locations. So the S3 bucket would serve as the origin server and the CDN would provide the edge servers.