Sunday, October 08, 2017

Ruminating on MQTT load balancing for scalable IoT event processing

MQTT brokers support the publish/subscribe paradigm. But what if you need to scale out the processing of MQTT messages over a cluster of nodes (message consumers)?

In IoT environments, we need to process thousands of events per second and hence need to load-balance incoming messages across multiple processing nodes. 
Unfortunately, the standard MQTT specification does not support this concept.

But many MQTT brokers support this as a non-standard feature - e.g. HiveMQ supports Shared Subscriptions

The IBM Watson IoT platform also supports shared subscriptions as described here -
If you are using the IBM Watson IoT java libraries, you need to "Shared-Subscription” property is set to “true”. If you are using any other client like Eclipse Paho, then you must use the client id of the form “A:org_id:app_id”

Note: Please note the capital 'A' in the client ID. This marks the application as a scalable application for load-balancing. We just changed the small 'a' to a capital 'A' and could load-balance our mqtt consumers. 

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