Friday, October 20, 2017

Caching Simplified - Magic of Spring Annotations - Part 2

In the previous blog-post, we saw how we can enable caching with the magic of annotations.
Now, let's consider how to evict the cache based on our application needs.

Spring provides a simple annotation called @CacheEvict that can be used to evict the cache. In the below example, we add two methods that can be used to evict the cache 'SomeStaticData' and 'CountryList'.

But when do we call the evict method? We can schedule it to be called by the Spring Scheduler as per defined schedule. In the above example, we have scheduled the evict method once per day. Again so simple using the magic of annotations in Spring !

To enable scheduling by a background thread in Spring Boot, we need to just add the @EnableScheduling annotation on the Spring Boot main class. If Actuator is enabled, then it automatically creates a background thread and the @EnableScheduling annotation is then NOT required. 

 Another option is to have a "/evict/{CacheName}" endpoint registered in Spring MVC and call it from a browser to manually evict the cache.

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