Monday, May 23, 2016

Serverless Options for Mobile Apps

A lot of MBaaS platforms today provide a mobile developer with tools that enable them to quickly roll out mobile apps without worrying about the backend.
In a traditional development project, we would first have to build the backend storage DB, develop the APIs and then build the mobile app.

But if you are looking for quick go-to-market approach, then you can use the following options:

  • Google Firebase Platform - Developers can use the Firebase SDK and directly work with JSON objects. All data would be stored (synched) with the server automatically. No need to write any server-side code. Also REST APIs are available to access data from the server for other purposes. 
  • AWS MBaaS: AWS Mobile SDK provides libraries for working with DynamoDB (AWS NoSQL Store). The developer just uses the DynamoDB object mapper to map objects to table columns. Again no need to write server-side code and everything is handled automatically. 
  • Other open source MBaaS platforms such as BassBox, Convertigo, etc. 

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