Thursday, May 12, 2016

Fundamentals of NFC communication

NFC communication happens through the exchange of NDEF (NFC Data Exchange Format) messages. An NDEF message is a binary format message that consists of a set of records - with each record containing a header and a payload.

The 'Beginning NFC' book on Safari is an excellent source for getting your basics right -
I would highly recommend buying this book.

I always wanted to know the maximum length of an NFC message and it was answered in the above book as follows:

"In theory, there is no limit to the length of an NDEF message. In practice, the capabilities of your devices and tags define your limits. If you’re exchanging peer-to-peer messages between devices and no tags are involved, your NDEF messages are limited only by the computational capacity of your devices, and the patience of the person holding the two devices together. If you’re communicating between a device and a tag, however, your messages are limited by the tag’s memory capacity.

NDEF record payloads are limited in size to 2^32–1 bytes long, which is why the payload length field of the header is four bytes (or 2^32 bits).

It’s not a protocol designed for long exchanges because the devices need to be held literally in contact with each other."

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