Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ruminating on bimodal IT

Over the past couple of years, Gartner has been evangelizing the concept of bimodal IT to organizations for succeeding in the digital age. A good note by Gartner on the concept is available here.

Mode 1, which refers to the traditional "run the business" model focuses on stability and reliability.
Mode 2, which are typically "change the business" initiatives focus on speed, agility, flexibility and the ability to operate under conditions of uncertainty.

Bimodal IT would also need resources with different skills. As an analogy, Mode 1 IT resources would be the marathon runners, whereas Mode 2 IT resources need to be like sprinters. It would be difficult for a IT resource to be both. There is a risk that he might relegate to a mid-distance runner...and today's IT does not need mid-distance runners..

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