Thursday, June 25, 2015

APIs in Fleet Management

Fleet Management software is used by fleet owners to manage their moving assets. The software enables them to have a centralized data-store of their vehicle and driver information and also maintain maintenance logs (service and repair tracking).

The software also allows us to schedule preventive maintenance activities, monitor fuel efficiency, maintain fuel card records, calculate metrics such as "cost per mile" etc. You can also setup reminders for certification renewals and license expiration.

It was interesting to see Fleetio (a web based fleet management company) roll out a API platform for their fleet management software. Their vision is to become a digital hub for all fleet related stuff and turn their software product into a platform that can be leveraged by partners to create a digital ecosystem.

The API would allow customers to seamlessly integrate data in Fleetio with their operational systems in real time. For e.g. Pulling work orders from your fleet management system and pushing it to your accounting software in real time. Pushing mileage updates from a bespoke remote application to your fleet management software, Integrate driver records with Payroll systems, etc. All the tedious importing and exporting of data is gone !

TomTom also has a web based fleet management platform called as WEBFLEET that provides an API (Webfleet.connect) for integration. The Fleetlynx platform also has an API to integrate with Payroll and Maintenance systems.

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