Thursday, July 20, 2023

Ruminating on and Let's Encrypt is a free, open-source service that allows you to use wildcard DNS for any IP address. This implies you may build a hostname that resolves to any IP address, no matter where it is. This may be beneficial for a number of things, including:

  • Testing local machine applications. When constructing a local application, you may utilise to provide it a hostname that can be accessed from anywhere. This makes it simpler to test and distribute the application with others. This service has been made free by a company called as Powerdns. Examples: 
    • maps to
    • maps to
    • maps to  (hexadecimal format)
  • Many online services expect a hostname and do not accept an IP address. In such cases, you can simple append * at the end of the public IP address and get a OOTB domain name :)
  • Creae a SSL certificate using letsencrypt:  If you use the "dash" and "hexadecimal" notation of, then you can easily create a public SSL certificate using "Let's Encrypt" that would be honoured by all browsers. No need of struggling with self-signed certificates. 
ngrok is another great tool that should be in the arsenal of every developer. 

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