Sunday, April 16, 2017

Ruminating on a nifty tool called 'ngrok'

Many a times developers want to test their APIs running on their development machine against a mobile app. To do so, developers typically do the following:

Option A) Create a hotspot Wifi on their development machine and connect the mobile phone to this Wifi. Since both the mobile phone and their development machine is on the same network, the mobile app can call the APIs running on the localhost of the developer machine.

Option B) We host the APIs on a public cloud (with a public IP), so that the mobile app can access it. For this, the developer needs to setup a automated CI/CD process that would deploy the REST APIs on the middleware.

There is a third option where-in, the developer can run the API server on his local machine and just create a proxy server on the internet that would securely tunnel the request to this local machine through the firewall. This can be done using ngrok -

ngrok can be setup on your local machine within minutes and can serve as a great debugging tool. It has a network sniffer built in that can be assessed from http://localhost:4040
We would highly recommend this tool for any mobile/API developer. 

ngrok can also tunnel via SSH if you don't want to install or run the ngrok agent on the target machine -

ngrok also has a nifty tool to setup a quick fileserver for files on your local machine. Just use the following command: ./ngrok http "file:///C:\Users\Docs" --basic-auth="user_id:password" 

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