Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Static code analyzers for native mobile app development

Listing down the tools used by my mobility team for static code analysis of mobile apps.

For iOS, the most popular tool is Clang. The default IDE (Xcode) also comes with a static code analyzer in-built in the IDE.

Sonar also provides a commercial plug-in for Objective-C that can be very useful if you are already using Sonar for all other platforms. There is another open-source Sonar plug-in for Objective C available here - https://github.com/octo-technology/sonar-objective-c

For Android, the most popular static code analyzer is lint. Lint integrates very well with Eclipse and Android Studio.

Facebook recently released a open-source static code analyzer for Android and iOS called as Infer. Facebook uses Infer to detect bugs in its Android and iOS apps. 

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