Sunday, September 13, 2015

Applying the Start-Stop-Continue paradigm to Sprint Retrospective

We all know the importance of Retrospective meetings after a Sprint. This is an excellent time to reflect on what worked, what did not work and what areas need improvement.

A simple way to conduct a retrospective with the entire team is to follow the Start-Stop-Continue model. You ask each team member to articulate -

  • what according to him/her should we start doing, 
  • what should we stop doing and 
  • what should we continue doing (with some changes if required). 

Then after collecting everyone's views, the team should brainstorm and debate around all the ideas presented and select the top 3 or 5 ideas that they would implement in the next sprint.

Many teams start skipping the retrospective if their project is running smoothly, but it is important to remember that there is always scope for improvement, no matter how good your team is currently functioning. 

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