Wednesday, February 19, 2014

MongoDB support for geo-location data

It was interesting to learn that FourSquare uses MongoDB to store all its geo-spatial data. I was also enlightening to see JSON standards for expressing GPS coordinates and other geo-spatial data. The following links would give quick information about GeoJSON and TopoJSON.

MongoDB supports the GeoJSON format and allows us to easily build location aware applications. For e.g. Using MongoDB geospatial query operators, you can -
  • Query for locations contained entirely within a specified polygon.
  • Query for locations that intersect with a specified geometry. We can supply a point, line, or polygon, and any document that intersects with the supplied geometry will be returned.
  • Query for the points nearest to another point.
As you can see these queries make it very easy to find documents (JSON objects) that are near a given point or documents that lie within a given polygon.

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