Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Examples of Real Time Analytics in Healthcare

The Healthcare industry has always been striving for reducing the cost of care and improving the quality of care. To do this, Payers are focusing more on prevention and wellness of members.

Digitization of clinical information and real-time decision making are important IT capabilities that are required today.  Given below are some examples of real time analytics in Healthcare.

  1. Hospital acquired infections are very dangerous for premature infants. Monitors can detect patterns in infected premature babies up to 24 hrs in advance before any symptoms are shown. This real time data can be captured and run through a real-time analytics engine to identify such cases and ensure that adequate treatment is given ASAP. 
  2. Use real time event processing to act as an early warning system, based on historical patterns or trends. For e.g. If few members are exhibiting behavior patterns of prior patients who relapsed into critical condition, then we can plan a targeted intervention for these members.  

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