Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Data Privacy Regulations

As architects, we often have to design solutions within the constraints of data privacy regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, UK Data Protection Act, SOX, etc.

The exact data privacy requirements differ from one regulatory act to the other. But there are some common themes or patterns, as defined below, that would help us to structure our thoughts, when we think of protecting sensitive data using technology solutions.
  • Data at Rest: Protecting all data at rest in databases, files, etc. Most databases offer TDE features. Data in flat files need to be encrypted; either by using file encryption of disk volume encryption. Another important aspect is data on portable mobile/tablet devices. Also data on portable media such as USB, CDs, DVDs needs to be considered. 
  • Data in Motion: Use secure protocols such as Secure-FTP, HTTPS, VPN, etc. Never use public FTP servers. All remote access to IT systems should be secure and encrypted.
  • Data in Use: Data in OLTP databases that is created and updated regularly. E.g. Online data entry using portals, data entry in excel sheets, data in generated reports, etc. 
  • Data that is archived:  Data could be achieved either in an online archive or offline archive. Need to protect the data as per the privacy requirements. Here is the link to an interesting HIPAA violation incident. 
Besides Data Security, most of these Regulatory Acts also cover rules around physical security, network security, etc. 

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