Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Contracts in REST based services

Traditionally REST based services did not have formal contracts between the service consumer and service provider. There used to be a out-of-band agreement between them on the context of the message being passed.

Also the service provider (e.g. Amazon) would publish some API libraries and sample code across popular languages such as Java. C#.NET, etc. Most developers would easily understand how to use the service by looking at the examples.

Sometime back, there was a debate on InfoQ on the topic of having standards for describing contracts for REST based services. There were interesting differences of opinion on this.

There was a standard defined called WADL that was the equivalent of WSDL for REST based services. Apache CXF supports WADL, but I have not seen many enterprises embracing this. Also WADL supports only XML payloads. What about JSON payloads?

I like the DataContract abstraction in .NET WCF. Using WCF configuration, we can specify where the binding should happen as XML or JSON in a REST service. 

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