Monday, June 09, 2008

Numega DevPartner Studio

Recently I installed DevPartner Studio and have explored the features provided by the tool. The tool integrates seamlessly into VS.NET and has the following high-level features:

- Static Analysis (Similar to FxCop or Code Analysis in VS Team Studio)

- Error Detection (You actually run the application/program and the tool would give a report of possible errors. This tool is more valuable in case of COM usage through .NET and in C, VC++ projects to detect OutOfBounds errors and dangling pointers, etc)

- Code Coverage (You run the application and at the end of it, a report is generated giving us code paths that were not executed. So helpful in finding dead code.)

- Memory Analysis (Heap analysis, shows object graph till root objects, no of objects created/destroyed etc.)

- Performance Analysis (E.g. U can create snapshots while running the application and the tool would give you the time spend in each method and many other stats. E.g. top 20 methods consuming most time, call graph, etc. Another cool feature is the source code window with time stats for each line on the left side. No more guessing what is taking so much time. )

- In Depth Performance Analyzer (CPU stats, Disk IO, Network IO, etc)

Visual Studio Team System provides us with many similar features. A VS product comparison can be found here.

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