Monday, June 02, 2008

Interesting features in Web 2.0 feature pack of Websphere v6.1

IBM has recently released a new feature pack for WAS 6.1 that has a host of cool features to build Web 2.0 applications.
AJAX support is provided by the DOJO Toolkit. There are a host of gadgets available (some added by IBM on top of DOJO) for RIA screens. Some features that were of particular interest to me are:
  • A javascript SOAP client that will enable web clients to make webservices requests directly.
  • Web-remoting RPC component that would enable a JS client to call an EJB method or a POJO method directly.
  • Apache Abdera library for manipulating ATOM/RSS feeds
  • JSON4J library on the server side to convert between JSON text and Java objects
  • AJAX messaging to implement Server side push. This is totally cool. I always wanted to experiment with the CometD functionality available in DOJO and here the interation between the DOJO Message Bus (client) and Websphere Service Integration bus was provided out of the box :)
A good example showing Stock Quote Streaming can be found here.

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