Sunday, February 03, 2008

Technical Architect responsibilities defined

This weekend, I was going thru some of my old books in my library and found one book that was my favourite during my developer days - J2EE Architects handbook. I perused through the first chapter that tried to define the role of a technical architect. The tasks given in the book were something that I was doing day in and out for projects. The simple and lucid language used in that chapter prompted me to blog some snippets from it.

Technical Architect

  • Identifies the technologies that would be used for the project.
  • Recommends the development methodologies and frameworks for the project.
  • Provides the overall design and structure to the application.
  • Ensures that the project is adequately defined.
  • Ensures that the design is adequately documented.
  • Establishes design/coding guidelines and best practices. Drives usage of design patterns.
  • Mentors developers for difficult tasks.
  • Enforces compliance with coding guidelines using code reviews etc.
  • Assists the project manager in estimating project costs and efforts.
  • Assists management in assessing technical competence of developers.
  • Provides technical advice and guidance to the project manager.
  • Responsible for ensuring that the data model is adequate.
  • Guiding the team is doing POCs and early risk assessments.

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