Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Problems with Struts SSLext

One of the projects I was consulting on, was using the SSL-ext plugin module of Struts to redirect all secure resources to SSL. More information on how to mix HTTP and HTTPS in a web-flow can be found in my blog post here.

The SSL plug-in module used a simple technique - a custom request processor/servlet filter would check the URL of each request and then check in the configuration file if the requested resource was secure and needed to be accessed using SSL. So if we receive a plain HTTP request for a secure resource, then a redirect HTTP 304 response would be sent back to the user. The redirected URL would have the HTTPS scheme.

Now, in the production environment, it was decided to move the SSL encryption/decryption to a Cisco Content Switch (at the hardware level). The Content switch would decrypt the content and then forward the request to the webserver as plain HTTP.
But this caused a problem at the AppServer level as the SSL-ext in Struts always sent redirect responses for all secure resources. This resulted in a recursive infinite loop of request-response traffic between the browser and the servers, due to which the browser showed a 'hanged' screen.
I was given the task to find an innovative solution to this problem. The challenge here was that we wanted to use the SSL-ext plug-in feature functionality so that it is impossible to access secure resources using plain HTTP. All we needed was some way for the content switch to pass information to the AppServer that the request that reached the content switch was HTTPS.

I decided to do this using HTTP headers. We configured the content switch to set the 'Via' HTTP header to "HTTPS" whenever a SSL request reaches the content switch. We changed the source code of SSL-ext to check for this header instead of the URL scheme and port number and send a redirect if necessary. This simple solution worked just fine and earned me kudos from the team :)

P.S: I got the idea of using HTTP header after reading the below URL. A must read :)

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