Thursday, April 06, 2006

Unix Quirks for Windows developers

Recently came across a wonderful blog stating a few things about Unix/Linux which ever developer should know. The link to the blog is here.
Some useful points in the blog were:
  1. In Unix, if U want Ur application or server to use a port less than 1024, then U must be running as 'root'. This imposes security risks !!!
  2. In Unix, it is possible for one process to open a file stream and an another process to delete the same file. (Windows does a automatic file lock). For the same reason, in Unix, U can delete a directory right from under it.
  3. Equivalent of Windows services in the Unix world are just plain shell scripts that are mentioned in the /etc/init.d directory.
  4. The Unix shell runs scripts by creating a copy of itself and running the script in the new shell. This new shell will read in the script, perform all the steps in the script (e.g. set all the environment variables) and then exit, leaving the original shell and its environment unchanged. So to run scripts in the same shell, we need to type "." For c-shell, we need to type "source"
  5. And last, but not the least, every developer learns early - Unix new line character is \n and on Windows \r\n.

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