Saturday, April 01, 2006

Debugging JavaScript

While working with VisualStudio.NET, I was impressed with the ability of VS.NET to even debug JavaScript on a HTML page. It saved a lot of time - or the other alternative was writting alert() statements.

I wondered if there was some similar JavaScript Debugger tool for the Java community.
Fortunately, Mozilla has come up with a cool tool that allows developers to debug Javascript code. The tool is "Venkman Debugger" and it's a free download.

Here's the URL for more details:

For firefox 1.0 (my fav browser), the debugger is available as a plug-in. Installation was a breeze !!!
I just had to download the *.xpi" file and drag and drop the file in a open window of Firefox...that's it..Then start the debugger from the tools menu...

After this, any page U see on Firefox - the debugger windows will show all the Javascript functions and we can set breakpoint and step thru the code...also available is the local window and watch window :)

Happy debugging..

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