Friday, November 03, 2023

Ruminating on Debezium CDC

Debezium is a distributed open source platform for change data capture (CDC). It collects real-time changes to database tables and transmits them to other applications. Debezium is developed on top of Apache Kafka, which provides a dependable and scalable streaming data infrastructure.

Debezium operates by connecting to a database and watching for table updates. When a change is identified, Debezium creates a Kafka event with the change's information. Other applications, such as data pipelines, microservices, and analytics systems, can then ingest these events.

There are several benefits of utilising Debezium CDC, including:

  • Debezium feeds updates to database tables in near real time, allowing other applications to react to changes almost quickly.
  • Debezium is built on Apache Kafka, which provides a dependable and scalable streaming data platform.
  • Debezium can stream updates to a number of databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and Cassandra using connectors. 
  • Debezium is simple to install and operate. It has connectors for major databases and may be deployed on a number of platforms, including Kubernetes/Docker.
Use cases for Debezium CDC:
  • Data pipelines and real-time analytics: Debezium can be used to create data pipelines that stream changes from databases to other data systems, such as data warehouses, data lakes, and analytics systems.  For example, you could use Debezium to stream changes from a MySQL database to Apache Spark Streaming. Apache Spark Streaming can then process the events and generate real-time analytics, such as dashboards and reports.

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