Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Ruminating on Data Gravity

Data Gravity is a concept that states that as more and more data gets accumulated (analogy of mass increasing), there would be greater attraction of Applications and Services towards this data. 
There are two factors that accelerate this - Latency and Throughput. The closer the app/service is to the data, the lower is the latency and higher is the throughput. 

Another facet of data gravity is that as large volumes of data gets concentrated in a datastore, it becomes extremely difficult to move that data (to the cloud or another DW).
Hyperscalers understand the concept of data gravity very well and hence are actively pushing for data to move to the cloud. As more and more data gets stored in Cloud DWs, NoSQL stores, RDBMS, it would become easier for developers to leverage hyperscaler PaaS services to build apps/APIs that exploit this data. 

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