Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Ruminating on the hype around hyper-automation

 So what exactly is hyper-automation?

In simple terms 'Hyper-Automation' is going beyond plain RPA. In RPA, the bot just mimics what a human would do. 

But in hyper-automation, along with the RPA tool, we use other technologies like AI/ML, workflow engine, rules engine to automate E2E process flows. Thus we make the business process more streamlined and robust ---- essentially better than what the human was doing. 

Even Process Discovery Tools are considered to be an important part of the hyper-automation journey. Process Discovery Tools enable us to understand the current state business processes and offers suggestions on streamlining it. It does not make sense to automate a fragmented process, but we should first streamline the process, remove redundancies and then automate it. 

Example - A bot reading an unstructured email and understanding its intent, extracting relevant data points from it (AI) and completing the requested transaction via a desktop app (RPA). 

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