Monday, February 19, 2018

Adding custom filters to Spring Security

One of my teams was looking for an option for adding filters on the Spring Security OAuth Server.

As we know, the Spring Security OAuth2 Server is a complex mesh of filters that get the job done in implementing all the grant types of the OAuth specification -

The team wanted to add additional filters to this pipeline of Security filters. There are many ways of achieving this:

Option 1: Create a custom filter by extending the Spring GenericFilterBean class. You can set the order by using the @Order annotation.

Option 2: Register the filter manually in the WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter class using the addFilterAfter/addFilterBefore methods.

Option 3: Set the property "security.filter-order=5" in your Now you can add upto 4 custom filters and set the order as either 1,2,3,4.
Another option is to manually set the order (without annotations) using FilterRegistrationBean in any @Configuration

The following 2 blogs helped us explore all options and use the appropriate one.

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