Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Extending SonarQube with custom rules

SonarQube has today become our defacto standard for code analysis. We also use it for our migration projects when we define custom rules to check if the current application can be ported to the new technology stack.

The below links give a good overview of writing custom rules in SonarQube for Java, .NET and JS.

1. Custom Rules in Java
2. Custom Rules in .NET - using the Roslyn analyzer.
3. Custom Rules in JavaScript 

By leveraging the code templates and SDK given by these tools, it is easy to create new custom rules. Behind the scenes, the analysers first create a syntax tree of the code and then for each rule, a visitor design pattern is applied to run through all the nodes and apply the check/business logic.

After doing the analysis, it is also possible to auto-remediate / refactor the source code using predefined rules. The following open source tools can be used for auto-remediation.

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