Monday, October 19, 2015

Digital in brick-n-mortar stores

While a lot of attention has been given to online experiences in digital transformation, there are a lot of opportunities in enhancing the in-store experience in brick-n-mortar stores.

Google has published some interesting stats on the use of smartphones within stores here -

Some interesting stats:

  1. 84% of customers use their mobile phone in stores to help them shop. 
  2. Customers spend an average of 15 mins using their smartphones inside stores.
  3. Customers use their smartphones for searching for products/services - 82% use a Search Engine, 62% use Store website, 50% use Brand website. 
Thus mobile has the power to transform the shopping experience in stores. Also beacons can be utilized to provide location context sensitive promotions to customers. 

SweetIQ has put up a neat infographic that illustrates how beacons can be used to enhance the in-store digital experience. 

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