Thursday, September 19, 2013

Log4javascript - Logging on the client side

Being an ardent fan of Log4J and Log4Net frameworks, I was pleased to see a port of the framework on Javascript for client side logging - log4javascript

With the plethora of pure JS web frameworks in the market today, it's very important to have a solid reliable logging framework on the client side (browser) that would enable us to debug problems easily. The default way to display log messages is in a separate popup window, featuring advanced search and filtering functionality, as well as a command line. You can also log to an in-page log4javascript console, to Firebug, to the browsers built-in error consoles or back to the server via Ajax POST.

I liked the OOTB Ajax appender that could be used to asynchronously post messages back to the server. We would need to write the server side code for the service. This is not included by default in the library.

A few organizations are using MongoDB to store log files. Having both client-side and server-side logs stored in a document database can be very useful for audit and debugging purposes. 

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