Monday, February 11, 2013

Useful Command Line Tools for Windows 7

Jotting down some Win 7 commands that I often use for quick access to information. One can directly type these commands in the 'Run' window.

  • msconfig: Get to know the programs that are configured to start during boot. Disable those programs that you are not interested in.
  • msinfo32: Quick summary of your system information. Give detailed info on hardware resources, OS details, system properties, etc.
  • control: Quick access to the Control Panel
  • eventvwr: Quick access to the Event Viewer
  • perfmon: Useful tool to monitor the performance of your system using performance counters.
  • resmon: Great tool to check out the resource utilization of CPU, Memory and Disk IO.
  • taskmgr: Quick access to Task Manager
  • cmd: Opens the command prompt
  • inetcpl.cpl : Opens the internet settings for proxy, security etc. 

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