Monday, December 03, 2012

Difference between XSL, XSL-FO and XSLT

The XSL (Extensible StyleSheet Language) specification has a long history and has gone through multiple revisions. Many folks are confused between the difference between XSL, XSL-FO and XSLT.

Found a good link that explains the history of XSL -
W3Schools has a good explanation - snippet below:

XSL-FO is Formally Named XSL !!  Why this confusion? Is XSL-FO and XSL the same thing?
Yes it is, but we will give you an explanation:
Styling is both about transforming and formatting information. When the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) made their first XSL Working Draft, it contained the language syntax for both transforming and formatting XML documents.
Later, the Working Group at W3C split the original draft into separate Recommendations:

  •     XSLT, a language for transforming XML documents
  •     XSL or XSL-FO, a language for formatting XML documents
  •     XPath, a language for navigating in XML documents

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