Friday, April 20, 2012

JAMon lives on !

I have been a big fan of JAMon tool for monitoring Java applications.It is lightweight and has a cool UI that gives you the stats you want. Also it is very clean and simple to use.

The last time I used JAMon was around 5 years ago. I was suprised to see that the project is still alive and kicking and has a few updates that make it even more interesting. I liked the concept of Listeners, which makes it easy to customoize JAMon.

The one thing that was missing in JAMon in the yesteryears was a consolidation app to read stats from multiple nodes in a cluster and present in on a unified dashboard. Luckily there seems to be a project called JARep that just does that. There is no much documentation available on JARep, but there is a good case study on DZone that explains how JARep works.

The case study is available at:

Though I have experiemented with a lot of other tools, I found JAMon to be the best and simplest. One can get it up and running in a project with a few minutes.

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