Friday, March 23, 2012

Lightweight UML sketching tool - UMLet

For years, I have been searching for a lightweight tool to quickly draw UML diagrams - in order to brainstorm an idea with my team. The traditional tools I have been using for UML were Rational Software Architect, IBM System Architect, Visual Studio 2010, Visio, ArgoUML, etc.

All the above tools are good, but are quite heavy to use and require installation. If you need a robust and quick UML sketching tool, then UMLet will blow your mind :)

I was particularly impressed with the simplicity of the tool. Drawing class diagrams, sequence/activity diagrams, package structures, deployment diagrams are a breeze....And it can run standalone as a JAR file or as an eclipse plugin. Loved the 'geeky' properties editor. U need to use it to appreciate it :)
It does not support code generation, as it was not the design intention of the tool.
Highly recommended for all agile architects!

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