Tuesday, May 18, 2010

CLUE database in Insurance

The CLUE (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) is a database of insurance losses and claims that was created and is maintained by ChoicePoint. ChoicePoint was taken over by LexisNexis some time back. LexisNexis C.L.U.E. Property reports contain up to seven years of personal property claims matching the search criteria submitted by the inquiring insurance company. So it's the equivalent of credit reports in the insurance industry. ChoicePoint also maintains a database for personal auto claims history.

When we apply for a homeowner's or auto insurance policy, the insurance company orders and review our CLUE report. A CLUE report is a document containing your personal information, as well as data regarding past property claims that have been paid under your previous insurance policies. CLUE reports includes the type of property (vehicle or home), dates of losses, loss descriptions and amounts paid.

Insurance companies use information on CLUE reports to evaluate homeowner's and auto insurance applicants for acceptability. Information can also be used to determine your policy premiums. CLUE reports are used almost exclusively to underwrite and rate new policies. Most insurers renewing existing policies do not access CLUE reports at renewal, largely because they already have loss histories for these properties in their own database. Only insurance companies that subscribe to CLUE can submit loss data and access CLUE reports.

A software program called Quick Connect has been designed by ChoicePoint for sending and receiving information electronically to and from ChoicePoint.

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