Tuesday, April 06, 2010

What is Micro-Architecture in software design?

Recently I came across the term 'Micro-Architecture' on a number of pages on Sun's site. Sun's engineers have an interesting definition for this term. They refer to Micro-Architecture as a composition of a set of patterns that can be used to realize a subsystem.

In the book - "Core J2EE patterns", Micro-Architecture is described as below.

We define micro-architecture as a set of patterns used together to realize parts of a system or subsystem. We view a micro-architecture as a building block for piecing together well-known, cohesive portions of an overall architecture. A micro-architecture is used to solve a coarser-grained, higher-level problem that cannot be solved by a single pattern. Thus, a micro-architecture represents a higher level of abstraction than the individual patterns.

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