Monday, October 05, 2009

Use of Constants in code

Recently there was a big debate during a code reveiw session on the use of constants. The developers had used constants for the following purposes:

1. Each and every message key used in the i18N application was declared as a constant. The application contained around 3000 message keys and hence the same number of constants.

2. Each and every database column name was declared as a constant. There were around 5000 column names and still counting..

Does it make sense to have such a huge number of constants in any application? IMHO, common sense should prevail. Message keys just don't need to be declared as constants. We already have one level of indirection - why add one more?
Reg. database column names, I have mixed opinions. If a column is being used in multiple classes, does it make sense to declare it as a global constant? Maybe declaring a class as 'Table Name' and its members as 'Column Name' would be a good idea? But if you have a large number of tables and columns, it would become very tedious to even create these constants file.

I found a few tools on the net that can automate the creation of these constants files.

- CodeProject

- MobzySystems

- ConstTool

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