Friday, May 08, 2009

Async calls in Java and .NET webservices

Over the past few weeks, the Architecture Support Group that I head at my organization, received quite a few queries on making asynchronous web service calls in a SOA environment. So decided to blog about the various options at hand.

To make asych webservice calls in .NET, the following programming models are available. Please visit the links for furthur information.

1. Using Asychronous Callback delegates.  

2. Using Event Based Asych methods

3. Fire and Forget mechanism: Here we can decorate the server side webmethod with the 'OneWay' attribute.

On the Java side, the popular Axis-2 framework supports asych web services calls out of the box, by generating call back handlers in the webservice proxy.

The WS-Addressing specification is also trying to bring in a standard for defining different MEP (Message Exchange Patterns).

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