Sunday, July 06, 2008

iRise visualization software

Recently on request of one of our clients, we were asked to evaluate iRise V (isualization products.
A quick perusal of what the product offered made me smile. There are so many projects that fail because the end-product is not what the business required. Sometimes the business itself is not sure of what it wants or how the end product should look like.
It's estimated that 60% of projects fail because of misunderstanding of requirements.

Using iRise visualization products, business analysis can quickly build UI elements that have the same look-and-feel and navigation as the final end product.
More information at

P.S: Just got a mail from Tom Humbarger (iRise Project Manager) that an evaluation copy of iRise Studio PE is now available for free 30-day download from Would highly recommend it for a try.

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