Wednesday, December 12, 2007

ThreadPool in Java

Recently one of my friends was looking for a good Thread-pool implementation in Java and asked me for help. I had used Doug Lea's ThreadPool in the past and recommended it to him.

But browsing thru the web, I learned that JDK 1.5 has introduced a java.uti.concurrent.* package that contained a good ThreadPool implementation. Using it was also a breeze. Here are a few code snippets.
ExecutorService pool;
pool = Executors. newFixedThreadPool(3);
pool.execute(new Task( Task(“three”,3));
pool.execute(new Task( Task(“two” two”,2)); ,2));
pool.execute(new Task( Task(“five five”,5)); ,5));
pool.execute(new Task( Task(“six”,6);
pool.execute(new Task( Task(“one”,1);
The Task object is a Thread that implements the Runnable interface and has the run() method. The concurrent package also contains a lot of helper classes that can be used - for e.g. using a thread-safe collection, atomic varibles etc.

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