Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oracle Fast Connection Failover for a RAC cluster

Problem:Whenever one node of a Oracle RAC cluster goes down, some of the connections allocated to that node go stale in the connection pool. This causes errors such as 'Broken pipe' to be raised whenever the stale connections are used.

Solution:Configure a ONS (Oracle Notification Service) remote subscription client on the App Servers. Whenever any RAC node goes down, a 'DOWN' event would be raised and sent to all subscribers. The ONS client on the Appservers would receive this event and refresh all stale connections in the pool. When the node comes up, a 'UP' event is sent to the AppServer ONS client and again the connections in the pool are balanced against both the nodes.

In Oracle 10.2g, to configure ONS, U just have to add ons.jar file to WEB-INF/lib and 2 lines of code to configure the Connection Cache.

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