Tuesday, October 09, 2007

JAMon JDBCMonProxy -getting the orginal connection

While using JAMon to monitor SQL perf stats, we faced a small problem - at one place we needed the underlying OracleConnection object and not the proxy, as we were calling a vendor-specific method on it.
Thankfully the JAMon API MonProxy object has a "getMonitoredObject()" method through which I could get hold of the OracleConnection object and use it.

Here is the sample code snippet: (just in case someone else needs it :)

// we need to do this as the 'setEndToEndMetrics'
// method is only available on an OracleConnection.
if (Proxy.isProxyClass(connection.getClass()))// if a dynamic proxy object
InvocationHandler invocationHandler =
Object monitoredObject =
(MonProxy) invocationHandler).getMonitoredObject();
((OracleConnection) monitoredObject).
setEndToEndMetrics(metrics, (short) 0);

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