Saturday, August 18, 2007

HttpClient in a multi-threaded environment

Our application was using HttpClient library to connect to various third-party systems. I was proposing to develop a smart resuable component that could be used by other modules and also suffice the performance requirements of the application.

I was joyed to see how the design of HttpClient offers excellent support for multithreaded environments.
The HttpClient and ConnectionManager classes can be shared across the entire application. Each respective thread of execution must have a local instance of HttpMethod and can have a local instance of HttpState or/and HostConfiguration to represent a specific host configuration and conversational state.
Hence these must be local variables in all the methods. At the same time the HttpClient instance and connection manager are shared among all threads for maximum efficiency.

If an proxy configuration is required, then this information can be passed in the execute() method of PostMethod using the HostConfiguration class.

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